Why Use Dynamics 365 for Wholesale & Distribution?

Running a wholesale and distribution business involves selling products in large quantities, often to retailers or other organizations. To manage this effectively, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution & Wholesale offers essential tools. Here’s why it’s beneficial:

Streamlined Sales

This platform simplifies sales processes by consolidating all sales-related activities in one place. This leads to faster order processing and fewer errors, enhancing overall efficiency due to the dedication of Microsoft Dynamics 365 logistics module.

Inventory Administration

Keeping track of stock levels is made easy now. The system provides real-time inventory updates, helping you understand what is in stock, what needs to be reordered, and what is running low.

Improved Customer Relationships

It is critical to keep up good customer relations. By providing insights into consumer preferences and behavior, this software aids you better serve your customers’ needs and promote repeat business.

Supply Chain Efficiency

The complexity of managing the journey of products from supplier to customer is greatly reduced. CRM streamlines this process, ensuring timely delivery and comprehensive tracking.

Data-Driven Decisions

With all your operational data centralized, taking informed decisions becomes straightforward. You may easily identify trends, best-selling products, and areas for improvement.

Cost Reduction

By optimizing operations, ERP assists in reducing costs. Minimizing the time spent on manual tasks leads to savings, which can increase profit margins.

Who May Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics Wholesale Distribution Solutions?

Microsoft Dynamics wholesale distribution solutions give companies of all sizes that manufacture, sell, or transport goods the tools they need to run their operations profitably, cut expenses, and enhance customer satisfaction. Here's a look at who might get the most out of these solutions:

Large Retailers

Stores that order lots of items to sell to their customers use these solutions to keep track of what they have, what they need, and when they need it. This assists them to avoid running out of stock or ordering too much.


Companies that develop products and then sell them in bulk benefit from tracking their supplies and finished goods. It helps in planning production and managing inventory efficiently.

Logistics Companies

Those involved in Dynamics 365 for logistics have to manage the movement of goods across distances. These solutions help in organizing shipments, tracking deliveries, and ensuring everything runs on time.

Transportation Services

For those who focus on Dynamics 365 transportation, managing fleets and shipping schedules is crucial. These solutions offer tools to optimize routes, track vehicles, and maintain timely deliveries.

Pharmaceutical Distributors

Companies that distribute medicines and medical supplies need to be very careful with inventory and compliance. These options help in managing stock levels, expiration dates, and regulatory requirements.

Food and Beverage Distributors

Businesses dealing with perishable goods must manage their inventory carefully to avoid spoilage. These solutions offer features for tracking product shelf life and optimizing delivery schedules to ensure freshness.

Key Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution Tasks

The most important tasks carried out by the specialists through the automated capabilities of this CRM in the dispensation, trade, and logistics segments include:

Sales management

This task deals with purchase order, shipping, delivery status, integration of digital payment methods, order promising, incentivized deals, item code or product information supervision, price control, and others. For example, modern Business Central ERP (ex Microsoft Dynamics AX distribution) offers customizable options to build the purchasing processes more relevant to the company’s best practices.


Warehousing is a very critical function of running a deals efficiently. The main functionalities of this task include multi-location warehouse integration, inventory administration with product dimensions and other attributes, delivery status of the purchased items, demand forecasting to accurately fulfill future needs, and many other functions that were previously represented in Microsoft Dynamics NAV distribution and now moved to the updated BC.

Supply chain management

Supply chain is a wider process that integrates numerous functionalities to maintain the flow of supply smoothly without creating an imbalance in the demand and supply of the items. The main functions related to this task include aligning information, material, and money flow among the stakeholders, integration of sales, warehousing, and operations, product return processing, designing inventory thresholds for stocks and future needs, and others.

Accounting management

It was a part of Dynamics AX transportation management, but now it has transformed into a separate module that could be easily integrated with the main ERP system for effective tracking. Accounting is a very important task used to manage various functions such as cash flow, ledger, invoices, taxes, payable and receivable accounts, asset control, balance sheets, profits, dividends on stocks, and many others.

Material management (MM)

It is a comprehensive solution for creating a bill of material (BOM), costing the items, issuing purchase orders, vendor administration, requests for quotations (RFQ), dealing with quality assurance, and other functions. Business Central offers full-scale functionality to perform this task professionally with the functionality developed especially for Microsoft Dynamics distribution.

Analytics and reporting

This ERP offers highly advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to perform this task very effectively.

By Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution You Get

  • Complete registration of your company assets, liabilities, and equities;
  • Full command over the company processes, tasks, and workflows simultaneously;
  • Greater transparency, accuracy, performance, efficiency, productivity, and reduced operational cost;
  • Integrated view of all processes to make better decisions;
  • DHL D365 integration.

Why Partner with HireDynamicsDevelopers for Wholesale & Distribution Solutions?

Choosing us for your wholesale and dispensation needs is like hitting the easy button for your tech challenges. We get that dealing with logistics and transportation might be a headache, especially when you’re trying to grow and keep everything running smoothly. That’s where we come in. With our deep understanding of Dynamics 365 for logistics, we help you streamline your operations so you have more time to focus on what you do best.

Our team is packed with experts who are wizards at tailoring tech solutions to fit exactly what your company needs. Whether you need Microsoft Dynamics ERP for automotive, managing your stock levels more efficiently, speeding up order processing, or getting a clearer picture of your supply chain, we’ve got you covered. We make sure the tech side of your project is so smooth and efficient that you’ll barely have to think about it.

  • Expert setup and customization.
  • Stress-free management of stock and orders.
  • Clear insights into your supply chain.
  • Reduced tech headaches.
  • Streamlined operations from day one.
  • Quick adaptation to market changes.
  • Ongoing support and updates.
  • More time to focus on growing your project.

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Top Specialists to Hire for Dynamics 365 for Wholesale & Transportation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for distribution is hard to navigate without a relevant experience and expertise. We offer a team of experts to guide you through. Our specialists are like the compass and tools you need to make the journey smoother, ensuring you get the most out of your dispensation, wholesale, and logistics operations. Our team is fully equipped to handle all aspects of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for distribution requirements. That’s why you may focus on your internal tasks and duties more and grow your project effectively.


These are the strategists who help you plan your journey. They understand your needs and tailor the CRM setup to meet your specific goals. Think of them as your personal guide, aiding you avoid pitfalls and take the best path forward.


The masterminds behind the structure of your system. They design a robust framework that ensures your software is not only powerful today but also scalable for tomorrow. Like building a strong foundation for a house, they make sure your system can withstand and grow with your requests.

Support Experts

Ever hit a roadblock and needed a quick way out? Our support experts are here for that. They provide ongoing assistance to resolve any issues you face, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruption.


These are the builders, turning the architects' plans into reality. They customize the software to fit your enterprise like a glove, adding new features or tweaking existing ones to work just the way you need.


The ones who ensure your tech tool is not only functional but also user-friendly. They work on the interface, making sure it’s intuitive and easy for your team to use, which means less time learning and more time doing.

Implementation & Integration Specialists

These experts take the baton last, bringing everything together. They set up your software, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and software, making the whole system work as one.

Reasons to Consider Ukraine for Building Dedicated Team for Dynamics 365 for Wholesale Services

Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations for choosing dedicated developers due to:
  • Booming IT market – Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing IT markets in the world with over 20.4% growth in tech exports, which stands at over $5 billion mark. The exports of Ukraine accounts for over 8.3% of the country’s total exports.
  • Largest tech talent pool – There are over 200 thousand IT specialists in Ukraine. The number is continuously growing due to the powerful STEM education system and university network.
  • Tech-savvy & professionalism – The population of Ukraine, especially the IT professionals, is highly educated and tech-savvy. They enjoy technologies through their innovative approach to solving problems more effectively.
  • Cost competitiveness – Ukraine offers highly competitive prices as compared to many competitors and provides a greater quality-to-cost ratio in IT services.

Boost Your Distribution & Wholesale Business with D365 Expert!

Taking your company to the next level is a big deal, and having the right tools and team behind you can make all the difference. You may increase customer satisfaction, optimize your processes, and effectively manage your inventory with our assistance. It is all about making your company run more smoothly, efficiently, and intelligently.

Ready to boost your project? Reach out to our D365 experts today and see how we can assist you in your grow. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your distribution and wholesale operations. Contact us now!

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