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Reasons to Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insurance Industry Consultants

Keeping track of modern technologies allows firms to stay up-to-date with global service quality demands. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for insurance industry is the best choice for those willing to improve their productivity, and satisfaction and make all in-house processes transparent and clear. CRM is one of the most affordable approaches to management in general, but with specialized software like Insurance 365, you apply all the capabilities designed for your niche in its entirety. 

A professional consultant sees all the gaps in current management and offers custom solutions to bridge them in your business. With rich experience, they provide many solutions to agencies, making their software capabilities enhance relationships and drive growth. Here are some key areas where the expertise of a specialized MS Dynamics CRM consultant significantly upgrades the workflow:

Analyze Requirements

Understand the specific needs, challenges, and objectives of the firm to recommend the most suitable modules.

Strategic Planning

Develop a strategic plan to implement features that align with the agency’s goals, including sales, productivity tracking, and the implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

Custom Reporting

Develop custom reports and dashboards for insights into sales performance, engagement, and other key metrics.

Features You Get with Dynamics 365 CRM for Insurance

The platform has specific benefits designed to address the challenges and opportunities within the sector. These advantages are non-replaceable elements for any company that deals with life, medical, travel, and other types of guarantees. They give you a full spectrum of capabilities to minimize efforts and get the maximum outcome of its possibilities.


Our services include:

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Arrange a Discussion

We schedule a comprehensive conversation where we can delve deeper into your ideas and necessities. Your responsibility here is to furnish us with your precise requirements.

Initiate The Hiring Process

Following your needs, we formulate a profile for the perfect candidate and then embark on the journey to find them across various platforms. After we've created a list of potential candidates, we conduct a rigorous screening process to evaluate their technical and interpersonal skills.

Kick-off Project

Within a span of 4-6 weeks, you and your new team members are fully engaged in your project. Our role is to ensure seamless communication between all parties involved.

Finalize Your Team

We facilitate and organize interviews between you and the potential team members. The final decision to approve the team rests with you.

Explore Our Services

Full-Time Specialist

We find specialists who work 40 hours a week directly with your project according to your requirements.

Part-Time Consultants

We provide a part-time cooperation model where an expert works with a flexible schedule.

Local Hiring

We have skilled candidates worldwide. So, you may choose a local specialist for better communication.

Relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Insurance Industry Modules

D365 gives modules that significantly benefit the industry, optimize its performance, and improve engagement. Here’s how some specific modules are relevant:

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

This module is critical for businesses because it enables them to handle and respond to consumer inquiries and claims efficiently. It includes functions for tracking contacts, managing cases, and automating responses, ensuring that consumers receive prompt and tailored care. This increases consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

The industry relies heavily on efficient staff management. This module assists HR departments in everything from hiring and onboarding to employee retention strategies and performance tracking. It streamlines HR procedures such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance management, allowing the firm to attract and retain experienced staff who traverse the complicated terrain of services.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

This module addresses the complicated financial needs of firms. It delivers extensive financial capabilities, such as accounting, revenue management, and compliance. It enables organizations to track their financial flows more efficiently, ensuring financial reporting accuracy and allowing for improved financial decision-making. This module also provides support for operations, such as procurement and inventory control, which are critical for the company’s assets and investments.

Specialists We Provide

We offer a wide team of experts, each fully suited to help your company’s digital transformation. Here’s how each role helps:


Our developers create and adapt systems that handle processing, policy management, and client interactions efficiently. By modifying the software, they ensure that it properly fits the industry's specialized procedures and requirements.

Functional Consultant

Our advisors are essential for implementing solutions that upgrade your features. They evaluate your current procedures and design the system to increase efficiency and compliance. Their extensive knowledge of workflows enables them to implement Dynamics 365 to improve operations, from underwriting to service.

Solution Architect

Solution architects plan the overall framework of D365 installations. They ensure that the solution is compatible with your firm’s broader IT ecosystem and meets all technical criteria. Their ideas enable organizations to gain scalability and flexibility.

Business Analyst

Our team's business analysts sift through information to get meaningful insights. They assist firms in interpreting patterns, forecasting client behavior, and refining risk assessment algorithms. Their knowledge guarantees that your setup is data-driven and in line with corporate objectives.


Administrators are critical to the continuous support and maintenance of environments. They monitor user access, execute frequent system checks, and guarantee that everything works properly. This job is critical to ensuring the system's integrity and security, which is especially significant in the delicate setting of insurance.

Services We Provide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Insurance

Developers specializing in the industry help you with customization, extension, & integration of your pre-implemented system. With deep technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge in various modules, they easily offer the exact steps to fit the software to your current and future needs. Here’s how a developer contributes to agencies:

Customization and Development

We build custom solutions and extensions to add functionalities that are not available out of the box, making sure the agency’s specific demands are accomplished. It also applies to custom reports and dashboards with actionable insights into sales performance, engagement, and other key metrics. In addition, we customize the environment to fit the unique requirements, including custom entities, fields, forms, and views that match the agency’s workflow.


We give detailed Dynamics 365 CRM consulting to help you customize the software to your business needs. This approach allows you to quickly customize all features for your area and keep all operations streamlined.


We integrate with the top features, such as financial software, to have all the important material in one place.Also, we develop custom APIs to facilitate integration with external services. Now, using additional sources and platforms flawlessly is not a problem.


Our experts undertake the entire system implementation. This refers to fully configuring the functionality and launching the software.


We ensure that the implementation adheres to security standards, protecting sensitive data. We also conduct regular checks of your system to detect problems and fix them at an early stage.

What Companies May Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Insurance?

All the internal features, like AI analytics, client profiles, notes, and lead tracking, help you see real-time progress and gaps in your processes, so that you may find a way to effectively overcome issues and use them for your growth. It’s especially beneficial for managing services like liability & policy coverage, underwriting processes, risk assessments, and renewals, as these are tied to a dozen background tasks and need to be thoroughly looked after and updated in time. That’s why is a perfect choice for:

Life Insurance 

These firms can use modules to control long-term relationships with their policyholders, track leads, manage life cycles, and personalize communication to cater to individual policyholder needs.

Property and Casualty Insurance

These companies benefit from it by managing claims, adjusting, underwriting processes, and interactions related to property, automobile, and liability policies.


Though operating behind the scenes, you regulate relationships with direct insurers, track treaties and facultative contracts, and keep communication and data exchange in one tool.

Health Insurance

Dynamics 365 for health insurance can help you control inquiries and policy renewals efficiently. Apply it for health and wellness programs to engage with customers actively.


Commercial insurers apply this software to handle complex policies and client relationships, risk assessments, and tailor solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Specialty Insurance

Companies with specialized products, such as marine, travel, or pet insurance, can apply Microsoft Dynamics CRM insurance capabilities to target niche markets effectively, control specialized claims, and provide personalized options.

Top Benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Insurance Industry Provides to Users

When choosing software for internal and external management, firms always look for solutions that can successfully combine both usability and functionality. Underwriting agencies are specifically in need of this tandem, as they cooperate with numerous partners, clients, and coworkers at once for maximum results. 

The benefits listed below are the key peculiarities that are must-haves for making your workflow smooth yet effective. Microsoft Dynamics for insurance took care to cover all modern needs in one convenient tool.

Automation of Key Processes

Automate routine tasks, reduce manual effort and increase efficiency. For example, you automate the claims submission process, allowing customers to submit them via an online portal directly integrated with the CRM. As a result, you get reduced time and increased satisfaction.

Personalized Customer Engagement

The tool provides a 360-degree view of the client, enabling personalized communication based on the customer’s history, preferences, and behavior. Use these insights to tailor your offerings to individual customer needs, improving cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Improved Service

With access to complete information, agents can resolve inquiries and claims more efficiently. A unified platform keeps all customer interactions logged, providing a consistent and informed experience across all touchpoints.

Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics capabilities enable you to easily analyze trends, performance metrics, and behavior. Identify patterns in claims, policy renewals, and feedback, and refine products accordingly. For example, analyzing claims data might reveal a high frequency of a specific type of claim in a particular region, prompting targeted risk mitigation strategies.

Lead Management

Microsoft CRM for insurance helps nurture leads through the sales pipeline, upgrading conversion rates. The system automatically scores leads based on predefined criteria. That’s why your sales efforts are focused on those with the highest conversion potential.

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