Why Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers with Us?

This technology is a high-end, multipurpose customer relationship management solution that takes your business operations and management to a whole new level. It helps companies with lead management, relationship marketing, loyalty boosting, sales tracking, pipeline marketing, and insights. Here’s why working with a professional who knows the system like the back of their hand raises your management.

Proficiency in the Latest Technology Trends

Currently, this CRM is witnessing significant trends and advancements. Increasing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the system is one of the most important changes. It covers email content optimization, sales forecasting, and natural language-based data entry tasks. Our experts produce more responsive, effective solutions that improve client interactions with the knowledge of the latest tech updates and modernizations. Additionally, skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM developers help in seamlessly integrating these solutions, thus maintaining software robustness and reliability.

Proactive Communication and Readiness for Challenges

This top-level tool can be preserved as a multifaceted platform where the business has all the tasks and data for current processes, development, strategic planning, and brand relationship management stored and used. Choosing to outsource Dynamics CRM developer facilitates clear and timely communication, guaranteeing swift response to business needs. Their readiness to tackle challenges helps minimize disruptions and optimize performance. Due to these capabilities, businesses can react quickly to opportunities and changes in the market.

Custom Approach to Every Project

A qualified professional helps you get the Dynamics CRM development services with the latest features and technologies. For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning become reliable assistants in your day-to-day tasks. Additionally, custom solutions allow you to integrate your software with other tools such as ERP, marketing automation, and consumer service software. Working with a reputable Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company can also provide you with access to a team of experts. Such a specialist will deal with data backup, security, and user management tailored to your company’s workflow. We offer ongoing support and maintenance for your tool, customized to fully cover your requirements.

What Can the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Developer Offer Your Company?

Developers hired by our expert team offer your business smoothness, cost-efficiency, performance, productivity, and a faster return on investment (ROI). All of this is possible due to their proficiency in various technologies and modules designed for the core system. When you decide to hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant, you know you are on the right way with us. The main technical capabilities offered by our professional developers include the following:

Initial System Review & Analysis

They analyze your existing processes and revamp them by adding new tools and customization to make them perform optimally. It combines necessary health checks and troubleshooting with defining system weaknesses.

Migration & Integration

Are you using old D365 software and looking to safely migrate your data to the new version? We can help you migrate your databases and integrate new tools and applications. All your information will be losslessly transferred to a modern CRM solution.

Customization & Upgrades

We offer you the capabilities for interface and backend personalization, along with the upgrade of your existing processes and tools for better performance and productivity. Our skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers for hire will take care of every single step of this multitasked process.

Managed Services & Support

Need an expert, Senior-level professional to organize your workflow? Have regular system breakdowns and errors? We know how to help! Hire MS Dynamics developers with us for full-scale automation and support solutions. Troubleshooting and management of other services with the help of modern solutions are necessary so that your business idea grows substantially. 

Guide: How to Hire Dynamics CRM Developers

01 circle Initial Request Analysis Our valued client sends us the profile of an ideal candidate and the specification of technical tasks
Contact us
02 circle Candidates Screening and Interviewing Our specialized recruitment team screens top resumes based on the client’s requirements and sends them for review. In up to 7 days, they will have a comprehensive list of tentative contractors. After approval from the client, our team organizes video interviews of shortlisted candidates with the client. We also offer technical interview services to prove the tech stack of professionals.
03 circle Clint Approval We prepare briefs based on conducted interviews and present them to our clients. The client sends approval for selected candidates after reviewing. In case any additional checks are required, we handle them with tentative contractors.
05 circle Post-hire Support We continuously keep in touch and monitor the entire infrastructure and resources for smooth operations. With this model, you pay on a monthly basis for each professional by previously agreed terms. Hire Microsoft 365 developers confidently with us! Contact us
04 circle Offer Confirmation & Onboarding Once an expert is chosen, our team sends an offer letter to them and gets their consent to join your project. Usually, it takes up to 4 weeks, but we are ready to adjust our search for tougher deadlines. Then, our resource management team onboards the newly hired employee and brands the office space and other infrastructure as per the client’s corporate identity.

An Overview of Skills Our MS Dynamics CRM Developer Obtain

Before you decide to hire dedicated Dynamics developer, you should plan what exactly is the scope of work this specialist will be responsible for. That’s why it’s worth noting that D365 consists of two sets of solutions, namely, CRM and ERP business apps. ERP helps companies streamline their project operations. However, while CRM apps focus on the sales side, ERP software is made to be integrated and implemented in all departments. Thus, companies use Dynamics 365 ERP development services to build a custom solution for effective interconnected management and keeping track of specific processes.

These specialists have command over all core modules contained in those two categories. An MS Dynamics CRM developer is a software engineer who builds different customized tools and integrates them with toolkit platforms and a wide range of applications and services offered by Microsoft through the cloud as well as on-premises.

Our professional-level specialists have the following top skills to apply in your project for success:

Hard Skills:
  • Proficiency in programming languages like C#, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • Development experience in .NET, HTML, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, JQuery, and Bootstrap.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM experience, especially with modules like Sales, Customer Service, and Commerce.
  • Customization and development on Dynamics 365 and related Microsoft platforms (CRM, Power Apps, Power BI).
  • Configuration and integration skills with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platforms.
  • Experience in creating and managing databases, and working with large datasets.
  • Automated CI/CD pipelines, version management, and plugin platforms.
  • Development of web services and familiarity with RESTful APIs, SOAP.
  • Experience with reporting tools like SSRS.
  • Technical certifications (Microsoft Dynamics, Azure).
Soft Skills:
  • Excellent communication skills for both internal and external interactions.
  • Ability to document effectively and perform presentations.
  • Proven ability to self-manage, complete project deliverables, and make decisions.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Good interpersonal and listening skills, and teamwork abilities.
  • Experience with project management and understanding of project scope and schedules.
  • Ability to analyze and troubleshoot various software issues.
  • Strong desire to improve systems and processes.

Hire MS Dynamics Developers for Any Module

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions include the following modules:
Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Consultant icon

This option helps salespersons to build relationships with consumers, analyze insights, take corresponding actions, and close sales faster.
Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Consultant icon

It is a marketing-automation application that helps to nurture leads, turn prospects into loyal customers, personalize their journey, improve user engagement, increase demand, and drive sales for the company’s goods or services.
Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Developer icon

This model-driven app is built to provide the best experience for clients by delivering value at every touchpoint and interacting with users through omnichannel communication.
Hire Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Developer icon

This app helps companies deliver high-end onsite service to user locations by combining workflow automation, scheduling, and flexibility to manage mobile employees while they’re onsite with clients dealing with issues.
Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation icon

The app allows delivering profitable projects on time and within budget, optimizing resources, forecasting project profitability, increasing employee productivity, and innovating with a modern, customizable platform.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers: Demand in Industries

In the present-day business ecosystem, almost every organization as well as industry has a substantial need for a comprehensive CRM solution and web development to survive in the fiercely competitive marketplace. To automate different types of processes inside Dynamics modules, you need to hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer along with an ERP developer in your team.

The major industries and businesses that have substantial demand for MS Dynamics developers and consultants include the following:

  • Small Business;
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Retail;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Finance and Banking;
  • Healthcare and MedTech;
  • Training and EdTech;
  • Insurance and Accounting;
  • Automotive & Distribution;
  • Wholesale;
  • Non-profit Organizations;
  • And many others

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Can Transform Your Business

  • Extending existing D365 business apps
  • Task management system
  • Admin tool
  • Financial grid control
  • Plugin development
  • ePerformance system
  • Call and referral tracking
  • Migration utility
  • Lead customization, etc.

The Dynamics CRM consulting services provided by a professional Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant can not only help the company to gain the maximum of the chosen solutions but also advise on extending the Microsoft Dynamics CRM features according to the specific requirements. For example, a skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM developer can tackle the following challenges:

Why Choose Us to Outsource Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development?

Our company is one of the most specialized staffing companies, with a full focus on Dynamics 365 development services. Our services are powered by the most advanced technologies and procedures used in the modern hiring process. We are based in Ukraine, which is an attractive IT outsourcing destination for many great reasons.

Our standout services make us prominent among our competitors due to the following major reasons:
  • We are specialists in finding and recruiting exclusive specialists;
  • Possess a large internal talent database;
  • Have leverage to access the tech-talent pool in our country;
  • Offer high-quality services powered by extremely professional teams;
  • Our company offers highly competitive prices;
  • Our fixed-price plans are flexible without any hidden charges at all;
  • We follow standard procedures, from screening to hiring and onboarding to relieving processes;
  • Our turnaround time for recruiting is much faster than that of many competitors;
  • We have the best professionals by our side;
  • Provide high-class infrastructure and workspace in line with the client’s corporate identity;
  • Our resource management is amazingly effective;
  • And many others.
Benefits we offer to our clients:
  • Reduced cost;
  • Hassle-free service;
  • Improved efficiency;
  • Greater productivity;
  • Faster ROI;
  • Matching brand entity;
  • And much more.

Check Out Our Available Dynamics 365 CRM Developer's Resumes

eye icon
Augustin B. – Power Platform Dynamics 365 Lead Specialist
eye icon
Tymur S. – Microsoft D365 CRM and Power Platform Specialist
eye icon
Alexander S. – Digitally transforming organizations with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform
eye icon
Ruslan P. – Microsoft Power Platform Developer
eye icon
Ihor K. – Power Apps Architect
eye icon
Artem A. – D365 Solution Developer / Navision Developer
eye icon
Anna G. – BC/NAV Developer
eye icon
Hubert W. – Senior Developer Microsoft Dynamics AX
eye icon
Sergen K. – AX Expert | ERP Analyst
eye icon
Łukasz J. – MS Dynamics 365 FO Developer
eye icon
Huzaifa G. – Finance and Operations Microsoft Dynamics Programmer
eye icon
Imeda U. – Junior Microsoft D365 BC Developer
eye icon
Nino A. – Microsoft Business Central and Navision Consultant
eye icon
Potapenko O. – Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Finance Consultant
eye icon
Khorolskyi Y. – ERP Consultant
eye icon
Roksolana L. – Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultant
eye icon
Serhii S. – ERP Consultant
eye icon
Tatyana S. – ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central Consultant
eye icon
Arvid O. – Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365/Power Platform Functional Consultant
eye icon
Viacheslav O. – MS Dynamics 365 CE Consultant
eye icon
Anton P. – MS Dynamics 365 CE Functional Solution Architect / MS Power Platform/Power BI expert
eye icon
Roman U. – MS D365 Technical Solution Architect
eye icon
Alexey P. – Dynamics CRM Developer
eye icon
Alexandre C. – CRM Associate Manager | Dynamics 365/PowerApps Consultant | Business Analyst
eye icon
Bruno N. – Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) | Certified | Functional | Power Platform | .NET Developer
eye icon
Alex K. – Senior AX developer
eye icon
Alejandro G. T. – Solution Architect Dynamics 365

Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer here and get high-end solution tailored to your business needs!

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