7 Main Benefits of On-Premise to Cloud Migration Consulting Services

7 Main Benefits of On-Premise to Cloud Migration Consulting Services

Brief Overview of On-Premise to Cloud Migration

On-premise to cloud migration is a process of data replacement from the local services and storage systems to the external ones. So, you can store the data not on the business’s own infrastructure but on the services that are owned by the provider and managed by him. The accessibility to the data you have on the cloud storage device provided by the various browsers and apps. 

As of the latest data, 94% of enterprises use cloud services, and 67% of enterprise infrastructure is cloud-based. Furthermore, 92% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy either already in place or in development. The U.S. public cloud market alone reached $258.10 billion by the end of 2023.

So, the key difference between these two kinds of data keeping is in its location. On-premises implies having your own storage devices and services, while cloud does not require any of them from you, it just gives you an opportunity to keep your data on the services of your provider. And it is also the main reason why more and more companies nowadays jump into the cloud variant of data storage.

But, such a transition may be a complex task for the business as it requires to replace all its data whilst keeping it sorted in the right way and not to lose any of its parts. That is why it may be useful to appeal to on-premise to cloud migration consulting services to manage this task perfectly and receive all the benefits it can give to you and your business (and we have a little spoiler, there are pretty much of them:)). 

So, let’s take a look into the most significant advantages you can get from on premise to cloud migration.

Improved Flexibility and Higher Agility

If you will decide to make a migration from on-premise to cloud, you will get much higher flexibility of your business. Surely, it is a very important feature in the modern fastly developed world that requires everyones and especially businesses to adapt to it with the same speed. So, cloud migration services can significantly increase your business’s flexibility making it more dynamic and adaptable to modern society. 

It is achievable due to the strong cloud architecture that cloud migration consultants can build, that can ensure its users with the fast and easy services deployment, setting functions and updating, so that you are able to recall the most recent market requirements maximally fast. In such a way, cloud storage helps your business to stay active and dynamic hence keeping its competitiveness in the fastly developing and changing market.


When making a migration from on premise to cloud, you can also get higher scalability of your business. Thus, cloud storage specialists can in advance evaluate your business’ needs and build such an architecture that will give you an opportunity to scale up and down easily. This solution will help your business to handle bounces in demand easily, without any moments of bugging or stops in work that often appears when the services cannot get along with the simultaneously increased amount of the information.

So, cloud migration can help you to ensure a seamless work process that is undoubtedly much more pleasant for both you and your clients. As a result it can keep and even increase your business performance and influence the profit in a good way. That is why you should not underestimate the role of cloud migration consulting services in ensuring your business stable work due to the ability to scale up and down at ease.

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Maybe not the most evident benefit, but still one of the most pleasant ones, is that data migration from on premise to cloud can save you some money. It works in such a way that keeping data on your own services demands some expenses from your side on its maintenance, keeping the hardware in a good condition and serving it. Most likely, you need to keep several employees that will cover this part of work, that also demands paying them salary, that may be really resource-intensive.

And on the other side you have a cloud data storage, that absolutely removes from you the necessity to worry about buying and serving the infrastructure as it is all successfully managed by the server owners. And even if you need to pay some sum for the cloud usage, it still remains much more cost-effective than keeping all the data on your own services and these services maintenance.

That is why, if you want to save some money for your business or at least save your nerves, it would be a great decision to make a migration from on-premise to cloud to leave all the worries connected with the data keeping and its technical maintenance in the past.

Improved Accessibility

When you migrate on premise application to cloud, you can receive as a benefit higher accessibility of the data. Now all modern cloud data storage ensures the constant accessibility to the data that is feasible due to the high level of server maintenance that guarantees the constant work of the server. And even if there is some failure, you can be sure that all your data will be recovered as there is a disaster recovery function and several backup plans. Due to it you can be sure of continuous access to your data and its safety.

Increased Collaboration Opportunities

Due to data migration from on-premise to azure cloud, you can get vast cooperation abilities within the company and even with the third parties. Thus, your team members will have an ability to work with each other from everywhere as they are still connected with the mutual server. Moreover, it gives them an opportunity to work in real time and have access to the relevant data as soon as it comes into the server. It can make the working process much faster and easier. Besides, in some clouds there is an ability to send messages and even make calls and video calls. It also helps to work more productively. And, as it goes from the overall scalability that a cloud storage has, it also can be scaled to the larger teams easily, that is a great point for the business cooperation.

As you can see, there are a lot of significant advantages you can get from cloud migration in the sphere of collaboration. Briefly, it helps to work faster and much easier, as everything you may need is kept in one place. And everyone trusted can have access to it just in two clicks, that also makes this process easier. Moreover, if you cooperate with the Power BI developer, for example, you will be able to create an environment with interactive visual content that will make the collaboration even better.

High Security

One of the most important issues in everything connected with data and its storage is its security. Of course, no one wants to have his data stolen and used in an inappropriate way, so at this moment extra attention is always paid. But a good piece of news is that cloud storage ensures high data security due to all the modern robust functions it has.

What is more, cloud migration consultants can help you to build secure infrastructure that will correspond to all the recent practices and security standards. Hence, you will have low security risks both during the migration process and after it. 

Requirements Compliance

Most likely you will have a pretty large amount of various requirements to the cloud storage you chose, but the good piece of news is that now most of the cloud storages can cover all of them. It is an important issue as data keeping is a vulnerable process and there are many moments to consider when delivering that process to the third party.

And there is no such an issue at all when you make exchange on premise to office 365 migration, as it is a highly trusted platform you should not worry about. Here all your needs will be met and all requirements covered. 

If you want to migrate from on premise exchange to office 365, then read more about this process below.

7 Main Benefits of On-Premise to Cloud Migration Consulting Services - migrate from on premise exchange to office 365

A Detailed Case Study of Migrating From an On-Premise Exchange Server to Office 365

The on premise exchange to office 365 migration process includes the following stages:

  1. Data evaluation. You need to evaluate accurately all the data you want to replace to understand better its volume, format and structure, diversity and speed. It will help you to choose the replacement method and cloud storage that will suit it the best.
  2. Choose the cloud. The next step is to choose the cloud storage according to the evaluation you made that will have all the necessary features and best suiting cost. It is super important to choose those ones that will correspond perfectly to all your requirements and budget, as clouds with different volumes will have different costs.
  3. Cloud account setting up. After that you may need to create an account on the platform and create an environment that will be pleasant for you to work with. It may be some kind of data sort or something else. So, here you need to prepare everything to migrate sharepoint on premise to office 365.
  4. Data migration. The next step is data migration itself. Here, according to the chosen migration method, you need to upload all the data on your cloud storage. It is important to ensure the safety of your data while you are replacing it.
  5. Try and optimize. The last stage is data testing and its optimization if necessary, that is important to make sure that all its parts are successfully replaced, their structure and quality is safed. 

If you want to migrate on premise exchange to office 365 successfully, then follow these five common steps and your data will stay safe and well managed. And cloud migration services will help you with it!

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Data Migration: The Critical Element

Data migration from on-premise to cloud may be a crucial moment in your business life as it brings a lot of advantages into it. So it may be really important to make cloud migration to lead your business to a significantly new level. And it can be easily solved with the data migration services that ensure smooth and secure replacement of your data to the cloud. That is why you will have no worries at all during the process and after it!

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So, on-premise cloud migration is a process that can bring a lot of benefits to your business, improving its efficiency and increasing your profit!

Want to get all the benefits from on-premise to cloud migration consulting services? Then contact us right now!