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Alex K. – Senior AX developer - ALEX K

Imeda U.

Junior Microsoft D365 BC Developer View a Full CV

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    Junior Microsoft D365 BC Developer Experience

    My journey as a Junior Microsoft D365 BC Developer began just over a year ago, and it has been an exhilarating ride filled with learning and growth. Fresh out of training, I was eager to dive into the real world of development, and the experience has been both challenging and rewarding. I've spent this year familiarizing myself with AL programming and getting hands-on experience with Visual Studio Code. Customizing and extending D365 BC to fit specific business needs has been…


    Key D365 Skills iconKey Skills & Tools

    • AL Programming Language: Familiarity with AL, the programming language used in D365 BC.
    • Visual Studio Code: Basic proficiency with Visual Studio Code for development within D365 BC.
    • Source Control: Understanding of source control tools like Git to manage code versions.

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