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Nino A.

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    I am a Business School graduate, experienced in working with Enterprise Resource Systems, different modules. I enjoy being a team player, as well as taking initiative on my own. I have a high sense of responsibility and the will to learn.

    Microsoft Business Central and Navision Consultant Experience

    In the past five years as a Microsoft Business Central and Navision Consultant, I have been fortunate to explore a myriad of complex projects that have allowed me to build a comprehensive skill set. From implementing Business Central to upgrading Navision systems, my daily work is filled with intriguing challenges and innovations. One of my core responsibilities is translating client needs into practical solutions. I've come to realize that understanding the nuances of a business, its industry, and its unique…


    Key D365 Skills iconKey Skills & Tools

    • ERP Implementation: Expertise in implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Navision, including planning, configuration, and deployment.
    • AL and C/AL Programming: Proficiency in AL for Business Central and C/AL for Navision for customization and development.
    • Integration Skills: Ability to integrate Business Central and Navision with other systems like CRM, eCommerce, or third-party applications.

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