30+ Dynamics CRM Developer Interview Questions

The ERP software market has continued to thrive over the past few years. But despite this spiking growth, the sector continues to face a distinct and sector-specific skills gap of CRM developers. And although there has never been a conclusive winner in the battle between Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365 has continued to evolve and expand in functionality. This has lured many businesses to migrate from legacy systems to leverage the massive advantages that the platform offers. Naturally, this has led to skyrocketing demand for experienced professionals to help build peripheral solutions for MS Dynamics 365. 

Unfortunately, just like other areas in the tech industry, there continues to be a huge gap between the demand and supply of Dynamics CRM skills. As a result, even the most experienced Dynamics recruitment experts are increasingly finding it hard to fill Dynamics CRM positions. Worse still, the few available CRM developers are always busy working on projects, making it almost impossible to choose the right one. 

Which then begs the question, how do gauge a potential candidate’s qualifications?

In this article, we will be focusing on the Dynamics CRM developer interview questions to ask potential candidates and the answers you should expect to hear from them. 

The Importance of Asking the Right Interview Questions

A great CRM solution demands a great team of CRM developers and consultants. Gone are the days when development teams needed simple briefings and then worked in isolation without the client’s input. 

The developers’ extracurricular knowledge allows them to guide their clients towards adopting an optimal approach when building and integrating their solutions. As such, project owners need to go beyond the core product skills when rating potential Dynamics 365 developers and consultants.

They should also know how to integrate Dynamics 365 with other supplement products within the Microsoft Stack and beyond, as well as offer a holistic solution for purposes of integrations or reporting. And this can only be achieved by asking the right Dynamics CRM interview questions.

Below, we have compiled a list of ]35 frequently asked Microsoft Dynamics CRM architect interview questions and answers:

dynamics crm interview questions and answers

Different Methods for Hiring CRM Developers

As a business owner, there are plenty of options to hire a CRM developer or consultant. They include:

In-house hiring: By hiring an in-house CRM developer, you essentially commit to paying them on a weekly or monthly basis as they are housed in your physical office. The biggest problem with the in-house hiring model is the cost implication, as you have to pay them whether you have an ongoing development project or not. 

Freelancers hiring: Of all the other hiring methods, hiring a freelance CRM developer is one of the cheapest methods as the working arrangement has no strings attached. The only problem is that freelancers can sometimes be unreliable, and can even disappear without notice, throwing your entire project in limbo.

Outsourcing: When you choose to outsource Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers, you essentially hire a dedicated developer or development team to take care of your entire project from the beginning to the very end. It is fully managed, which makes it ideal for large enterprises with big projects.

Outstaffing: In outstaffing, the CRM development services provider takes care of the recruitment of staff, salaries, and IT infrastructure. Outstaffing is an excellent option for small and medium-sized companies. 

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Asking the Right CRM Developer Interview Questions

Interviews are interesting experiences, as they give employers time to reflect on the knowledge and experiences of a potential candidate. Unfortunately, some candidates do exaggerate their CV’s, and the interview process can help validate their skills and experience.

As a candidate, you can make the process much easier by giving highlighting as many examples of your skills and experience as possible. As an interviewer, on the other hand, the key to establishing the candidate’s technical and vocational CRM knowledge and experience is to ask the right Dynamics CRM Developer interview questions. With the above combo of Microsoft Dynamics CRM architect interview questions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM testing interview questions, and Dynamics CRM functional consultant interview questions, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the right candidate.

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