5 Reasons to Outsource Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management

5 Reasons to Outsource Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management

Effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 project management is crucial. It allows you to complete tasks on time and meet all the requirements. However, handling a lot of work requires specific abilities, a wide range of knowledge, and many resources. In this case, referring to reliable experts is the best solution. In this approach, you may take advantage of third-party knowledge and concentrate on your primary responsibilities.

Today, we will discover five reasons for outsourcing your project management. We will discuss how this approach may increase your productivity and save you time. Let’s find out all the ins and outs!

Access to The Best Specialists with Deep Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics Project Management

Outsourcing your Dynamics 365 project management is the best way to get top specialists with deep expertise. Our professionals are skilled at dealing with challenging assignments and have many certifications. We offer experts who have proven their mettle through extensive education and real-world application. Moreover, we provide a technical interviewing service to evaluate the competencies of specialists and make sure they meet your needs.

Expertise You Get:

  • Modifying components to suit your particular requirements.
  • D365 integration with external modules.
  • Making intelligent dashboards and reports.
  • Assisting in the maintenance of your functionality.
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C# for custom development.
  • Proficiency with task automation using PowerShell.
  • SQL querying and data manipulation abilities.

Customized Solutions to Your Dynamics CRM Project Management Needs

Outsourcing your project management Dynamics 365 means you get customized solutions that fit your requirements. We provide three collaboration models: dedicated teams, part-time specialists, and local recruiting. Check out each one to find the best option.

Dedicated Teams

A full-time workforce that concentrates on your assignment is part of this package. They ensure that your project runs well from start to finish, are fully integrated into your organization, and offer dependable assistance. This choice is suitable for jobs that take a long time and constant focus.

Part-Time Specialists

If you need knowledge for specific tasks or short-term projects, our part-time professionals are a great option. They help with many aspects, providing you with the expertise you require without requiring you to hire a full-time workforce. This approach is flexible and reasonably priced.

Local Hiring

We offer local recruiting options for companies who would rather collaborate on-site. This plan ensures that you have experts on staff who can collaborate with them directly. The advantages of outsourcing are combined with the practicality of having experts nearby when you hire locally.

Affordable Price on Dynamics 365 Project Management

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your MS Dynamics project management is the affordable pricing. We recognize that financial limitations may be a serious problem for companies. The expenses of paying full-time employees’ salaries, benefits, and training can be reduced via outsourcing.

Our Pricing Models

  • Dedicated Teams: After the team is put together, you begin to pay; recruitment is free of charge. We provide fixed monthly charges independent of the number of working days in a month, or we can offer economical daily rates where you just pay for the days worked. There may occasionally be a retainer charge for the hiring process.
  • Consultancy: Our fees are hourly and must be paid in advance. This implies that the client must pay a deposit in advance for the working hours. We request the next payment after the paid hours have been used. There may also be a retainer fee for the hiring process.

This way, outsourcing saves money by giving access to a pool of highly qualified specialists without the significant overhead of hiring and sustaining an internal team. 

Experience with Different D365 Modules

Our professionals are experienced in different modules, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central project management. As a result, we may handle every part of your production with precision and expertise.

Our team has worked with many different kinds of D365 modules, including:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Marketing
  • Customer Insights
  • Finance and Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Commerce
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Central

Experience with these modules allows us to modify our services to fit your requests. For instance, if you need help with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central project management, our experts control your task from start to finish. This all-inclusive strategy guarantees that every facet of your project is addressed, resulting in fruitful outputs and happy clients.

Preventing Problems in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management

Dealing with Dynamics 365 project management and accounting is essential to ensure smooth operations and avoid costly errors. Here are the steps we take to monitor the module and prevent problems before they arise.


We employ modern monitoring tools to keep an eye on the platform around the clock. These techniques aid in the detection of anomalies and potential difficulties in real-time. As a result, we detect and address issues before they become more serious.

Regular Audits

Specialists audit the module to look for any faults or discrepancies. Examining user behavior, security configurations, and data integrity are all included in this. Thus, frequent audits support the accuracy and dependability.

Automated Alerts

To keep us informed of any unexpected behavior or malfunctions, we have automated notifications set up. By allowing us to react swiftly to possible concerns, these notifications save downtime and guarantee that problems are immediately fixed.

Performance Optimization

We regularly update software and adjust configurations to increase performance. This keeps the platform operating at peak efficiency and avoids slowdowns that can lower output.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management Services

We offer two primary options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 project management services to meet your needs. Check out our services here to choose the best one.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management Services

Full-Time Dedicated Teams

This option entails offering full-time tech experts, who are technically supervised by our clients. However, we handle all HR and administrative matters, ensuring a stress-free experience for you. This is also referred to as outstaffing.

Benefits of Full-Time Dedicated Teams:

  1. You get a dedicated team focused solely on your project, ensuring continuous progress and support.
  2. You have full control over the technical direction and daily tasks of your team.
  3. We handle all HR and administrative issues, including payroll, benefits, and legal compliance, so you can focus on your project.
  4. Easily scale your team up or down based on your project requirements without the hassle of hiring or firing staff.

Part-Time Consultation

This option provides part-time tech experts who work directly with you, offering niche consulting services such as one-time CTO consultations.

Benefits of Part-Time Consultation:

  1. Pay only for the hours you need, making it a cost-effective solution for smaller projects or specific tasks.
  2. Gain access to specialized knowledge and expertise for strategic advice and problem-solving.
  3. Part-time consultants can be brought in as needed, allowing for greater flexibility in managing project timelines and budgets.
  4. With expert consultants on hand, you can quickly address and resolve technical challenges.

Either choice guarantees that you will receive superior service catered to your particular project requirements. We provide the proper support to help you succeed with your management, whether you require a professional part-time consultation or a committed staff for long-term projects.

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