MS Dynamics AX for Trade and Logistics Integration

Lift the performance, productivity, and efficiency of your eCommerce, supply chain, transportation, and logistics businesses by leveraging the centralized automation and management by integrating all business processes and activities under MS Dynamics AX transportation management module for trade and logistics

Why Choose MS Dynamics for Logistics?

Microsoft Dynamics ERP has a specialized module named Dynamics 365 trade and logistics to deal with the automation and centralized integration of all business processes & activities used in trade and logistics businesses. It offers a wide range of features, capabilities, and advantages that make it one of the most popular ERP platforms such as:

  • Functionalities – Automation and management of orders, multi-location warehouses, trade agreements, order promising, self-service web access, performance tracking, demand forecast, item code and batch numbering, and many others make Dynamics AX or D365 transportation mode one of the top choices of enterprises.
  • Comprehensiveness – Microsoft Dynamics 365 distribution and trade or on-premises Dynamics AX ERP offers a unified and centralized approach to process automation through the integration of a wide range of tools and processes simultaneously to provide an overall view of an organization.
  • Security and transparency – Both the cloud-based Dynamics 365 transportation and Dynamics for trade and logistics module offer highly robust security and transparency in activities of the business and HR stakeholders.
  • Improved productivity – Due to increased automation, integrated access, cohesive environment, and reduced manual processes improve the productivity of business processes as well as the human resources of the company significantly.
  • Greater customer relationship – MS Dynamics 365 transportation and trade modules improve customer relationships substantially, which lead to increased customer satisfaction, collaborative ecosystem, increased brand-value, and greater user experience simultaneously. 
  • Informed decisions – Powered by the business intelligence gained through in-built specific tools and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, you can make very well-informed decisions based on the actionable intelligence.
  • Specialized human resources availability – There is an availability of a sizable number of Dynamics 365 developer for hire in all major markets worldwide that make MS Dynamics ERP highly attractive for the companies. Companies can easily find the desired Dynamics AX trade and logistics resume locally as well as remotely.

Key Info About MS Dynamics Axapta Logistics Tasks

The most important tasks carried out by the specialists through automated capabilities of MS Dynamics in the trade and logistics module include:

dynamics axapta logistics capabilities
  • Sales management – This task deals with purchase order, shipping, delivery status, integration of digital payment methods, order promising, incentivized deals, item code or product information management, price management, and others. Microsoft Dynamics trade and logistics offers customizable options to build the purchasing processes more relevant to the company processes and practices.
  • Warehousing – Warehousing is a very critical functionality in running a trade and logistics business efficiently. The main functionalities of this task include the multi-location warehouse integration, inventory management with product dimensions and other attributes, delivery status of the purchased items, demand forecasting to accurately fulfil future needs, and many other functions, which are professionally provided by MS Dynamics AX platform.
  • Supply chain management – Supply chain is a wider process that integrates numerous functionalities to maintain the flow of supply smoothly without creating unbalance in the demand and supply of the items. The main functions related to this task include aligning information, material, and money flow among the stakeholders, integration of sales, warehousing, and operations, product return processing, designing inventory thresholds for stocks and future needs, and others.
  • Accounting managementMicrosoft AX accounting software is a very important task used to manage a wide range of functions such as cash-flow, ledger, invoices, taxes, payable and receivable accounts, asset management, balance sheet, profits, dividends on stocks, and many others.
  • Material management (MM) – It is a comprehensive solution for creating a bill of material (BOM), costing the items, issuing purchase orders, vendor management, request for quotations (RFQ), dealing with quality assurance and other functions. Microsoft Dynamics AX and MS Dynamics 365 offers full-scale functionalities to perform this task professionally.
  • Analytics and reporting – Microsoft Dynamics AX for trade and logistics offers highly advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to perform this task very effectively. 

How to Implement MS Dynamics AX Trade and Logistics & What You Get?

How to implement MS Dynamics? It is one of the most common Dynamics AX trade and logistics interview questions asked by employers. Implementing MS Dynamics is a complex technical procedure that requires related expertise in the product and all processes and terminologies used in the trade and logistic business management. The most common steps for implementing MS Dynamics AX trade and logistics module include:

  • Environment creation – On-premises installation of MS Dynamics server AX, you need to install MS SQL server, Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS), and other requirements and configure the desired accounts, protocols, and other settings on the servers, directories, and domains.
  • Install MS Dynamics AX module – You can install this module by following the setup wizard and putting the service or product key. Create user accounts, authorization, and other configurations to operate the server.
  • Create company name – Once the entire installation has been completed and user accounts have been created, you need to create the name of your company name through GUI interface and import the company data to the server to start working on the Dynamics AX trade and logistics module.
  • Task configurations – In this step, you need to create different stuffs used in the business processes handled by MS Dynamics AX trade and logistics module such as items, categories and groups of items, inventory model and dimension groups, company assets, liabilities and equities, general ledger, purchase orders, invoices, arrival items, registries, sales orders, order shipping stages, packaging slips, delivery tags, and many other configuration related to accounting management, quality management, purchasing, procurement, supply chain, quarantine management, transfer and vendor return management, and many others.

By implementing MS Dynamics AX trade and logistics module your business may get:

  • Complete registration of your company assets, liabilities, and equities
  • Full command over the company processes, tasks, and workflows simultaneously
  • Greater transparency, accuracy, performance, efficiency, productivity, and reduced operational cost
  • Integrated view of all processes to make better business decisions

Why Choose Remote Specialists for MS Dynamics Logistics Customization?

Choosing remote specialists for MS Dynamics logistics customization provides you with the benefits such as:

why choose remote dynamics 365 trade and logistics experts
  • Access to the right skill – Finding the right professional with the desired skills is a big challenge for industries across the globe. Remote hiring solves this issue to find out the most suitable candidate with the right skills for the customization of MS Dynamics AX trade and logistics module.
  • Cost-saving – Hiring experts remotely in countries like Ukraine saves enterprises substantial costs in both recruitment process and cost of skilled professionals.
  • Better quality – The cost/quality ratio obtained through remote hiring of Dynamics staff is very high as compared to on-premises hiring in many major countries worldwide.
  • Improved productivity – The productivity of human resources improves significantly by building a remote team due to diverse time zones to work flexibly and other factors.
  • Faster scalability – Remote hiring offers the options to quickly hire Dynamics AX specialists to scale up your team much faster than on-premise hiring.

Reasons to Consider Ukraine for Building Dedicated Team for Dynamics AX Development Services

Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations for hiring Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist due to:

  • Booming IT market – Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing IT markets in the world with over 20.4% growth in IT exports, which stands at over $5 billion mark. IT exports of Ukraine accounts for over 8.3% of the country’s total export.
  • Largest tech talent pool – There are over 200 thousand IT specialists in Ukraine. The number is continuously growing due to the powerful STEM education system and university network.
  • Tech-savvy & professionalism – The population of Ukraine, especially the IT professionals are highly professional and tech-savvy. They enjoy technologies through their innovative approach to solve problems more effectively.
  • Cost competitiveness – Ukraine offers highly competitive prices as compared to many competitors and provides greater quality to cost ratio in IT services.
hire ms dynamics logistics integration specialists

How We Assist You in Searching & Hiring Dynamics AX Distribution Specialists Remotely?

We assist our clients through the transparent and simple way such as:

  1. Requirements – Our team collects and analyzes client requirements and proposes a suitable solution
  2. Searching – Through multiple channels like social media, job portals, local databases, and referrals, we search for the most suitable resources
  3. Shortlisting – We use professional-level tools and expertise to shortlist the relevant candidates
  4. Interviewing – Multiple rounds of interviews are conducted by our experts in coordination with our clients
  5. Offering/contracting – We send offer letters to hired staff and sign a contract with the hired candidate with full terms and conditions of the job after the acceptance of the job offer.
  6. Onboarding – Our team introduces hired staff to existing team and company workflows.

If you are looking for a remote hiring specialist company, get in touch with us to find and recruit MS Dynamics experts for logistics tasks now!