Implementation of MS Dynamics Financial Services

Boost your business by getting full control over the company’s financial status, deeper insight into receivables/payables, and automated cash flow in a real-time environment through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM financial services with the help of our professional-grade remote consulting and recruitment services in Ukraine.

Benefits of MS Dynamics ERP & CRM for Financial Services

Enterprises decide about any technology, platform, or application based on the benefits provided by it in different forms and manifestations. The top benefits of using financial capabilities of MS Dynamics ERP and CRM include:

  • Business process integration – Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM brings a range of business processes to one unified platform and breaks the silos of departments and processes. It helps businesses to achieve a holistic view of the entire organization.
  • Agility – Whether you use D365 for financials or separate financial modules such as Dynamics NAV financial management, Axapta (AX), Great Plain (GP), or others, you bring nimbleness in your business processes to achieve the business bottom lines more effectively.
  • Smarter business decisions – Microsoft D365 financials SME modules help you make data-driven decisions based on the actionable business intelligence (BI) powered by artificial intelligence (AI), MS Power BI analytics, and a range of third-party as well as Microsoft applications and tools.
  • Professional reporting – Microsoft Dynamics financials support numerous types of reports in different presentations, such as graphics, tables, text, and others. You can send electronic reports to stakeholders in different data formats too.
  • Improved financial control – MS Dynamics 365 financials data integration helps you improve your control over financial matters and give you better insight into the financial conditions of the business so that you can plan better strategies for the future.
  • Increased productivity – The productivity of company resources improves significantly due to centralized business operations, business process integration, data analytics, team cohesion, optimum use of resources, and other factors.
  • Reduced operations cost – A wide range of automated processes under Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 financial services such as marketing, sales, field operations, and others and numerous general-purpose applications such as MS Office, SharePoint, Active Directory and others reduce the operational cost and errors significantly. 
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Key Info on Major Tasks of MS Dynamics 365 for Financials

MS Dynamics 365 for financials or the standalone ERP financial modules such as NAV, AX, and others help businesses perform a wide range of domain-specific tasks with the help of Microsoft Dynamics specialists and D365 developers. A few major industry-specific tasks include:

#1. Financial Services

Financial service is a very important sector of an economy that deals with the provisioning of financial goods to enterprises as well as to people. It is a broader segment that includes investment houses, leasing companies, mortgage houses, lenders, real estate brokers, banks, and others. The most important financial tasks that Microsoft Dynamics for financial advisors can perform in the financial service industry include:

  • Management of fixed assets with proper valuation, depreciation, and other factors associated with it
  • Assessment of a business entity for acquisition with the help of numerous factors of the company such as market capitalization, balance sheets, assets, liabilities, and others
  • Initial public offering (IPO) evaluation process management
  • Evaluation of company through comprehensive data analytics
  • Risk assessment and management activities
  • Accounts settlements with checks, debit cards, credit cards, electronic transactions, and others
  • Money management through cash flow, balance sheets, payables, receivables, deferred payments, and others
  • Loan rescheduling, loan guarantees, mortgage plans, and many others

#2. Banking Services

Banking services is a sub-sector of financial services. In this sector, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for banking is extensively helpful to manage a wide range of activities. There are numerous types of banking services such as commercial, retail, and investment banking. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for retail banking can also be applied to commercial banking activities such as:

  • Assessment of investments through analytics and company assessments
  • Customized commercial product development and management for people and corporations
  • Incorporating the investment plans and products
  • Risk assessment and risk management planning for a retail or commercial banking product
  • Moveable and fixed asset management with all attributes
  • Redistribution of risk management in specific conditions
  • Managing credit and debit accounts through a range of credit and debit sources
  • Managing right-off, non-performing assets, interest rates, and others
  • Automated commission, fees, overdues, and penalty management in multiple currencies
  • Tax, investment, and acquisition management through MS Dynamics AX trade and logistics modules

#3. Capital Markets

Capital markets are another sector of financial services that deals with the trading of securities in the shape of bonds, stocks, and others. The most common activities that can be managed through Microsoft Dynamics financial service include:

  • Saving and investment management accounts
  • Real-time trading management of stocks, bonds, and other securities
  • Profit and loss management and reporting
  • Digital transactions and process integration and management such as foreign exchanges, stock markets, payment gateways, bond markets, and others
  • Management of retirement and pension accounts
  • Management of equity and debt security accounts
  • Assessing market capitalization and assets of an entity
  • Data-driven planning and consultancy management of mergers and acquisitions

#4. Insurance

Insurance services are a very important sub-sector in financial services that deals with financial protection against damages to the assets, person, or conditions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for insurance deals with all the major activities performed in this sector such as:

  • Definition and management of risk assessment and management processes
  • Microsoft Dynamics insurance module helps define and manage customized insurance products suitable for specific segment of markets
  • Management of policyholder profiles and associated products
  • Premium management, rescheduling, modification, and associated attributes
  • Insurance claim management and payout clearance
  • Loss and profit analysis and reporting
  • Customer relationship management with clients, third parties, and agents
  • Complaint and trouble-ticket management and customer support
  • Policyholder health assessment and management of records
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How to Get Support with MS Dynamics AX Financials Tasks?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a highly feature-rich enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to provide comprehensive support for the financial operations and management tasks in different environments such as on-premises, cloud, and hybrid. It helps organize, integrate, automate, customize, optimize, and improve cohesiveness among a range of business processes and company resources simultaneously. To achieve the best out of MS Dynamics AX financials, you need to recruit specialized Dynamics AX professionals to effectively use the desired features of the platform.

How to Recruit MS Dynamics AX Financial Module Experts?

You can recruit MS Dynamics AX financial professionals by choosing the most suitable staffing model that provides value to your business such as:

  • Outstaffing – In this model, a fully-managed team is built to dedicatedly work remotely with your existing team. This is the most suitable and viable model for all types of SMBs across the verticals.
  • On-premises – This is traditional hiring in which an on-premise team is built for MS Dynamics AX financial activities. It is a very costly and rigid form of hiring that needs a professional HR team to manage it.
  • Freelancers – A team of freelancers from different countries is built to work with your team. It is a very cost-efficient model but very unreliable too.
  • Outsourcing – In this model, the entire process is handed over to the client team for performing tasks on your behalf. It is very costly with very low control over the team.

Where to Hire an MS Dynamics AX Developer and Other Specialists?

You can hire Microsoft Dynamics AX developers and specialists from numerous popular destinations such as Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Russia, India, and other countries. Ukraine is one of the most attractive destinations due to:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Large tech-talent pool
  • Tech-savvy and creative people
  • Professionalism
  • Shared culture & language
  • Central location

How Do We Help in Recruiting Specialists for Dynamics 365 Financials Developer Functions?

We follow a professional and transparent procedure to recruit MS Dynamics 365 financials developers and specialists like:

  1. Client requirements – We collect and analyze client requirements to propose a suitable HR solution that creates great value for our clients.
  2. Searching – Our specialized team searches for the relevant resumes based on the matching skills through multiple channels such as social media, referral partners, local databases, job portals, and others.
  3. Shortlisting – We use different types of automated tools and the expertise of our professional team to shortlist the CVs based on the matching portfolios and experience.
  4. Interviewing – In coordination with our clients, we conduct rounds of interviews to verify the skills, experience, and suitability of the candidate.
  5. Offering – Our company sends offer letters to the hired candidate for acceptance.
  6. Contracting – We sign a detailed contract with full terms and conditions of the job after his/her acceptance of the job offer.
  7. Onboarding – Once a candidate signs the job contract, we introduce the hired candidate to the existing team and the company’s workflows.

If you are looking for hiring MS Dynamics specialists, get in touch with us to find Microsoft Dynamics experts for financial tasks remotely in Ukraine!